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Having problems with our terms and abbreviations/acronyms? Search our list of glossary terms below.


Hex Head

Hex Head refers to the hexaganol (6-sided) shape of the bolt head. This type of head is convenient for gripping by hand or with tools from all angles. It is a versatile fixing that is very common in the engineering and automotive industries.



The hub is the part of the vehicle that a wheel is fixed to.


Hub Fixing Bolts

Hub Fixing Bolts are bolts that fix spacers or adapters to the wheel hub.


Hub Spigot

Hub Spigot is the lip that protrudes from the wheel hub. The lip that the wheel is mounted on to. It centralises the wheel.



Hubcentric is an industry term. If a wheel spacer or PCD adapter is hubcentric it is specifically designed and manufactured to locate precisely and centrally on the vehicles hub. It will also replicate the vehicles hub on the front of the spacer that will locate precisely in the back of the wheel.

The precision employed in the manufacture of hubcentric wheel spacers and PCD adapters ensures the wheel has no run out and spins concentrically to the vehicle hub. This concentric running eliminates wheel wobble often experienced with flat shim type spacers or on older vehicles with no central hub lip.