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Wheel Offset

The offset of the wheel is the distance from the centreline of the wheel to the wheel mounting face.

The centreline of the wheel is found by measuring across the width of the wheel and dividing this by 2. It is the centre point between the front and the back of the wheel. The offset is the distance from this centre point to the mounting face of the wheel.

The mounting face is the flat back part of the wheel that touches the hub of the car. If the hub mounting face is towards the front of the wheel, it has a positive offset. If the hub mounting face is towards the back of the wheel in relation to the centre point, it has a negative offset. If the hub mounting face and wheel centreline are in alignment, the wheel has a 0 offset.

Offsets are usually measured in mm.


Wheel Spacer

A wheel spacer is circular aluminium placed between the vehicle hub and wheel to widen the stance of the vehicle or give additional clearance on the inner section of the wheel for brake/suspension modifications. Used for performance or aesthetic purposes.